Sawyer Burn Hut Track, Hawea Conservation Park, Otago NZ

Great views of lake Hawea and surrounding peaks on this walk starting at Kidds Bush campground, not too far from Wanaka.

Sawyer burn Hut Track

Although a very nice walk, this hike to Sawyer Burn Hut was most memorable for the chance encounter with a completely nude hiker. (Well, he was wearing hiking boots). Alas, it was a somewhat portly middle aged man, but he did make quite an impression. Presuming you won’t meet any such person, you can instead expect to remember nice beech forest, great views of lake Hawea, and views of high peaks towards the end of the track. You can apparently walk past Sawyer Burn Hut and climb Sentinel Peak for even more views, but we didn’t have enough time or energy on the day we did it. (Now done 🙂 ).

Track Notes

Sawyer Burn Hut Track
On a defined and marked track the whole way. Nude hikers not marked on the map!

We used track notes in Day Walks of New Zealand: Central Otago and Queenstown, and there is information on the DOC website. It’s a pretty straightforward walk of moderate difficulty. It starts near Kidds Bush Reserve Campsite.

Sawyer Burn Hut Track: The Scenery

Sawyer Burn Hut Track
The view from near the turnaround point. Bit of glare on this shot which is a shame.
Sawyer Burn Hut Track
Sentinel Peak up there somewhere.
Sawyer Burn Hut Track
First glimpse of Lake Hawea on the way back.
Sawyer burn Hut Track
Lake Hawea panorama.
Sawyer Burn Hut Track
Descending towards lake Hawea.
Sawyer Burn Hut Track
Nice colours.
Cherries are in season when we visit Central Otago in the summer. Sophia is mad about cherries.

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