Sawpit Gully Circuit, Arrowtown NZ

The Sawpit Gully Circuit is a pleasant enough walk in the hills behind Arrowtown, which is itself a very pleasant historic town.

Sawpit Gully Circuit, Arrowtown

The Sawpit Gully Circuit starts in Arrowtown’s historic Chinese gold mining settlement next to the Arrow River. If you walk it clockwise the track climbs into the surrounding hills and returns through the Arrow River Gorge. It’s a nice walk through open country, but with some really spectacular walks in the area it has some steep competition. We’ve done it twice so far and it’s been a good choice for a not too strenuous walk close to Queenstown, and you can hang out in the picturesque village of Arrowtown afterwards. Probably shouldn’t be first on your list if you are new to the area.

Track notes are available on the DOC Wakatipu Walks brochure, number 28.

Sawpit Gully Circuit, Arrowtown
An obvious track the whole way.

Sawpit Gully Circuit: The Scenery

Sawpit Gully Circuit, Arrowtown
A handful of peaks had received snow overnight, like the one on th eleft of the picture. I think this might be the Remarkables ski area.
Sawpit Gully Circuit, Arrowtown
The Arrow River Valley
Sawpit Gully Circuit, Arrowtown
A 4WD making its way from the abandoned gold mining town of Macetown back to Arrowtown. You will cross the river 20 times to do this drive, and it’s not suitable for 2WD vehicles.
Sawpit Gully Circuit, Arrowtown
It was a beach-like atmosphere down by the Arrow River.

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