Mount Bushwalker Track, Morton National Park, NSW

A relatively straightforward walk to extensive views of the Budawangs Mountain Range in Morton National Park.

Mount Bushwalker Track

The Mount Bushwalker Track provides really wide open views of many significant features in the Budawangs Mountain Range, and all for relatively modest effort. There’s also a short side trip worth taking into an atmospheric place called The Gaolhouse, a pocket of rainforest in the crack created by a section of rock falling away from the main cliff face.

Track Notes

It’s a pretty straightforward 7km walk: details on the NSW NPWS website, and more detailed track notes in either Take a Walk in Southern NSW & the ACT or Best Bush, Coast and Village Walks of The Shoalhaven. The latter book has notes to the Gaol House, a short side trip marked by a bent yellow arrow on a rock near the second of two rocky creek crossings. This track is not so distinct but you’ll know when you’ve arrived.

Mount Bushwalker Track: The Scenery

Mount Bushwalker Track
The Budawang Range, otherwise known as ‘The Budawangs’. The Castle is in the centre, which makes for a really excellent walk.
Mount Bushwalker Track
A panorama of the Budawangs taking in, from left to right, Mt Talaterang, Byangee Walls, The Castle, and Shrouded Gods Mountain. Lots of good walks in this area, many of them substantial day walks or else multi-day walks. (And I think Pigeon House Mountain is just poking out on the far left).
Mount Bushwalker Track
Entering The Gaol House, a worthy side trip off the Mt Bushwalker track. A section of the cliff has slipped away creating a cool enclosed rainforest.
Mount Bushwalker Track
Vertical cliffs either side.
Mount Bushwalker Track
Trees will grow anywhere!

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