Lake Parramatta Circuit, Sydney

A shortish walk around Lake Parramatta in the geographical heart of Sydney.

This short walk around historic Lake Parramatta in the geographical heart of Sydney, is quite nice for where it is, but don’t go out of your way. Parramatta is the city’s second CBD, and also Australia’s second white settlement after Sydney City. Probably a walk for those who live locally or for a long stroll if you are passing through the area. It’s also nice for a BBQ or other family recreation.

There are track notes in Sydney’s Best Bush, Park and City Walks, and also a brochure with map online at the council website. I only took two photos, and that didn’t include the lake unfortunately, as at the time I was just recording what I found interesting for my personal Facebook page. Here’s a link to an images search instead.

Lake Parramatta Circuit: The Scenery

Parramatta Lake Circuit, Sydney
This is the dam forming the lake.
Parramatta Lake Circuit, Sydney
These apparent trunks were in fact branches growing vertically out of the fallen trunk.

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