About Hiking Scenery

Me on the summit of Mt Alfred (1375m), with Mt Aspiring National Park (NZ) behind, including Mt Earnslaw (2819m) to the right.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”


This quote (often misattributed to Jack Kerouac) sums up how I’ve come to feel about my hiking. Although I very much enjoy my work, and a freshly mowed lawn is rather satisfying, the most vivid memories that remain with me are those of the wild scenery I’ve encountered on many walks over the years, almost all of them accessible day walks.

Venus Tor via Mt Hay, Blue Mountains
The Grose Valley and Venus Tor (right) from Mt Hay, Blue Mountains National Park NSW.

Hi there. My name’s Edward, and this is Hiking Scenery, a blog dedicated to the scenery I’ve viewed on many wonderful hikes. I hope to inspire a few people to get out and go hiking, or you can at least hike vicariously through me. I’m not a photographer, but I aim to faithfully represent the natural environment as best I can with my humble photographic equipment.

Earnslaw Glacier, Mt Aspiring National Park, NZ
Earnslaw Glacier, Mt Aspiring National Park, NZ

Apart from the photos, I include basic details of the walks and some links to more detailed track notes when available. And you can always contact me for more details or ideas.

My Hiking History

I walk with my wife Sophia, and you’ll see her pop up in some of the photos. We used to hike in our respective home countries of South Korea and Britain when we were kids. We met in Australia, but it wasn’t until we returned after a few years overseas that we began bushwalking regularly; that was in 2006. We lived in Sydney for many years, which is surrounded by national parks and wilderness, and many of our walks have been in these areas, however we’ve also travelled and walked more widely in South Eastern Australia. And in 2008 we began a sordid love affair with New Zealand’s South Island, particularly around the hiker’s paradise of Queenstown, where we’ve been lucky enough to have a place to stay. To continue our NZ affair we recently (2020) moved to Christchurch, so I’ll be adding plenty of walks in the mountain packed Canterbury area. We’ve also walked in Korea and Japan, and hope to do more in that region in the future.

Me on the Ruined Castle, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW
Me on the Ruined Castle, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

The Obsession Grows

As the years have progressed, I’ve found myself taking more and more photos, and thinking more and more about when I can next get up a mountain. It seems that what began as the rekindling of a childhood hobby has now turned into a mild obsession, and in the natural progression of any modern-day obsession, I decided to start a blog: this blog. (It turned out that posting too many pictures on my personal Facebook page wasn’t enough). So although I do hope to inspire others to go hiking and see these scenes for themselves, really I’m just feeding my obsession. And secretly hoping that if I rave on enough about the places I’ve hiked on this blog, then somebody might pay for me to go and hike in other fantastic places, so that I can rave on about those too. Just saying.

The Remarkables behind cloud, Queenstown, NZ
The Remarkables behind cloud, Queenstown, NZ
FAQ: Are you one of those crazed multi-day thru-hikers?

At the time of writing all of our walks have been done in a day,  (I mean each one, not the whole lot), which allows you to return to the creature comforts of your home/accommodation for a nice glass of some muscle relaxing beverage. Nevertheless, some of them have been very long days, including a few walks which are often done in two. So there are walks to challenge the fit people amongst you, as well as shorter ones for the less gung ho. We’ve been gradually buying the kit to do multi-day walks, so stay tuned for those.

Royal National Park cliffs, Sydney
Royal National Park cliffs, Sydney

If you want advice on good walks in any of the areas I’ve been to, but you can’t find a particular walk, then contact me in the form below, and I’ll see what I can remember.

Cheers, Edward

Sophia and me on Daechonbong (1708m), the highest peak in Soraeksan National Park, South Korea.
Sophia and me on Daechonbong (1708m), the highest peak in Seoraksan National Park, South Korea.