Other Hiking Resources

Miscellaneous resources, none of which I endorse unless I specifically say so. Just a few to start off the page…

Hiking / Outdoor Guides

Bushman Tours: An organisation with a variety of guides in New Zealand who do this casually on top of their day jobs.

Wilderness Magazine: I subscribed to their online and also print service when I came to live in New Zealand, and have found these to be very useful. The large and expanding database of trip reports is excellent, and there are also all sorts of articles on various aspects of tramping (hiking). You might find the online service is enough if you just want to find specific information. The glossy mag is nice if you like to flick through articles of interests and look at pretty pictures.

Avalanche Advisory website for New Zealand: exactly as the name suggests, contains info on the current avalanche risk in various parts of New Zealand.

GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages) is a site providing advice for outdoor enthusiasts, with a particular focus on the Americas, but also gear reviews and how-to articles.

Leave-no-trace principles: This link was sent to me by a teacher working with her students on caring for their local environment. Hi to Mrs Cavanaugh and students from Christchurch NZ :-)

Other Stuff

Travelling with kids: This resource is about how to get the best from travelling with kids. Sent to me by love holidays.