Hiking Blogs

You might find the following blogs interesting…


  • David Noble Blog: Bushwalker, outdoorsman and nature enthusiast, with a particular interest in the NSW Blue Mountains. Link is to the bushwalking section.
  • Dogs Allowed: A blog on dog friendly hikes in NSW.
  • Hiking the World: Many Australian but also overseas walks, both day-walks and multi-day walks. Good track information and nice pictures. This blog is very similar to mine in fact: he’s also from Sydney, we keep doing the same walks, and also take very similar pictures.

New Zealand

  • Southern Alps Photography: Kiwi mountaineer and serious tramper presents mouth watering photos of his numerous multi-day walks in New Zealand. Great mountain porn and ideas for walks. I kind of modelled my blog on his.
  • Alice Adventuring: Kiwi hiker. I’ve not yet looked over Alice’s blog in detail, but I know she posts useful articles on multi-day walks for beginners. I’ll check them out when I’m ready to start over-nighting myself. She also works as a hiking guide for Bushman Tours.
  • Ponytail Pretty: A Canadian, currently (2019) living in NZ. Does a fair few day-hikes in the Canterbury region. Link is to the NZ hiking section.