Hiking Blogs

You might find the following blogs interesting…


  • David Noble Blog: Bushwalker, outdoorsman and nature enthusiast, with a particular interest in the NSW Blue Mountains. Link is to the bushwalking section.
  • Dogs Allowed: A blog on dog friendly hikes in NSW.
  • Hiking the World: Many Australian but also overseas walks, both day-walks and multi-day walks. Good track information and nice pictures. This blog is very similar to mine in fact: he’s also from Sydney, we keep doing the same walks, and also take very similar pictures.
  • Coffs Trails: Yvonne & Alan blog on walks in the north-east of NSW, which Yvonne tells me is an area neglected by most hiking guides. (I’ve only walked a bit in New England, so not much on my blog either). She’s also published a guide book on walks in the Mid North Coast region specifically.

New Zealand

  • Southern Alps Photography: Kiwi mountaineer and serious tramper presents mouth watering photos of his numerous multi-day walks in New Zealand. Great mountain porn and ideas for walks.
  • tussock.rocks is a blog written by long time correspondent Mark Eaglesfield. Although we’ve done a lot of walks in common he’s done quite a few I haven’t, (including some on the North Island), and takes great photos so you can really see the quality of the walk. Lots of info on the walks too.
  • Hiking is Good: I once met this blogger, Michal, half way up Mt Philistine in Arthurs Pass National Park, but I’d already seen his many trip reports of lesser known walks around Canterbury and further afield. We have similar taste in walks, only he does more multi-day trips, and often walks with Christchurch Tramping Club.
  • Nina Dickerhof Photography: much like Southern Alps Photography but with a few more days walks.
  • Alice Adventuring: Kiwi hiker. I’ve not yet looked over Alice’s blog in detail, but I know she posts useful articles on multi-day walks for beginners.
  • Ponytail Pretty: A Canadian, currently (2019) living in NZ. Does a fair few day-hikes in the Canterbury region. Link is to the NZ hiking section.
  • Bong-Kyu Terry Sun’s Youtube Channel has a few videos of classic and also lesser known walks accessible from Christchurch.


  • The Hiking Life “…is a compilation of tips and advice on trip planning, lightweight backpacking techniques, and improving your wilderness skill set. It contains detailed information for more than 200 of the world’s great hikes and was put together with the mission of inspiring and enabling folks to go backpacking.” His extensive walks list include Australian and NZ walks, but lots more.