Obongsan, Nonhyeon-dong, Incheon, South Korea

Obongsan (Five Peaks Mountain) is a suburban mountain (actually a hill at just 105m of elevation) situated in an obscure spot in southern Incheon that just happens to be close to my Mother-in-law’s apartment. It’s actually quite a nice walk, but perhaps not one to seek out unless you live nearby.

Obongsan (Five Peaks Mountain) is a diminutive mountain (in other words a hill) in southern Incheon, very close to my Mother-in-law’s place. We went up a few times to work off our holiday indulgences, and I imagine only locals would visit. A convenient and pleasant way to get outdoors and keep fit if you happen to live in the area. Continue reading “Obongsan, Nonhyeon-dong, Incheon, South Korea”

Wallumarra Track and the Forest Path, Royal National Park, Sydney

A variety of vegetation on this walk as it passes at first through heath, then woodland, and finally into subtropical rainforest.

This walk in the Royal National Park combines two tracks, the Wallumarra Track and Forest Path, and takes in a variety of vegetation including heath, woodland, and finally subtropical rainforest. There are no sweeping vistas on offer but a satisfying enough walk nevertheless; the tall palms and rainforest scenery of the Forest Path are particularly attractive. This section can be done as a shortish circuit walk from the stone gates where Lady Carrington Drive meets Sir Bertram Stevens Drive.  Continue reading “Wallumarra Track and the Forest Path, Royal National Park, Sydney”

Mt Hay Track, Blue Mountains NP, NSW

The short ascent of Mt Hay from the end of Mt Hay Road provides excellent views of the deep Grose Valley and surrounding cliffs in the Upper Blue Mountains. Walk on just a bit from the forested summit to double your views.

It took us a while to do this walk for the first time because the nearby Lockleys Pylon Track is so great that we kept doing that. Ascending Mt Hay is a really excellent walk though, and quite short. It’s a longer drive to the start than Lockleys Pylon, but visiting nearby Butterbox Point is another excellent short walk that can be done in the same outing. You can also continue past Mt Hay to visit the more remote Venus Tor. Views of cliffs and deep valleys on all of these walks. Continue reading “Mt Hay Track, Blue Mountains NP, NSW”

Lincolns Rock, Blue Mountains NSW

Just a 2 minute stroll to wide open views over the Jamison Valley in this lesser known spot near Wentworth Falls.

Not a hike but a very short stroll from the street, Lincoln’s Rock offers wide open views of the Jamison Valley and is an alternative to the more famous spots such as Echo Point in Katoomba. I also wanted to include it in the blog because there were inversion clouds in the valley, and I don’t get to see them very often. I regretted not getting up earlier as I expect the scene would have been more spectacular. There are some walking tracks nearby, (see the link to Google Maps), but we walked up Mt Hay on this day.

Lincolns Rock: The Scenery

Lincolns Rock, Blue Mountains Lincolns Rock, Blue Mountains Lincolns Rock, Blue Mountains

Lincolns Rock, Blue Mountains
Me looking yonder; at Lincoln’s Rock.

Butterbox Point Track, Blue Mountains NP, NSW

Butterbox Point is a short but attractive walk from the end of Mt Hay Road, and views of the Grose Valley are fantastic. You can easily climb nearby Mt Hay in the same day for even more views.

Butterbox Point is a shortish walk from the car park at the end of Mt Hay Road, but the views on offer are extensive, and there’s a few rocky outcrops that add to the experience. You can also do the walk up nearby Mt Hay in the same outing; we did on this day but because it was so misty we went back up Mt Hay two days later when it was gloriously sunny.  Views are of the Grose Valley and the cliffs that line it.  Continue reading “Butterbox Point Track, Blue Mountains NP, NSW”

Buddong Falls Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW

Views of the pretty spectacular Buddong Falls on this slightly out of the way but short walk near Talbingo in Kosciuszko National Park.

This short but steep-ish walk to Buddong Falls exceeded expectations, mainly because the falls were more spectacular than I’d expected them to be. I’d never heard of them until I scoured the internet looking for walks around Talbingo that we could fit into the late afternoon.  It’s a longish drive on an unsealed road to get there, but there are quite nice views along the route which add to the experience. The upper falls are good but it’s the lower falls which make the big impression. They are 60m high but only the top half can be easily photographed.  Continue reading “Buddong Falls Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW”

Jounama Creek Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW

An easy walk up the picturesque Jounama Creek in Kosciuszko National Park near Talbingo. Ends at a swimming hole and some big rocks.

A fairly easy walk up the picturesque Jounama Creek as far as some big rocks and a swimming hole. We did the Old Mountain Road Track from the same starting point at Jounama Creek Campground near Talbingo, at the northern end of Kosciuszko National Park.  Continue reading “Jounama Creek Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW”

Sunshine Bay Track, Queenstown NZ

A short walk along the foreshore of Lake Wakatipu, starting in Queenstown.

A short walk/stroll along the foreshore of Lake Wakatipu, starting in Queenstown. It was a bit overcast and so drab on the day we did this, but there are classic views of the Remarkables and Cecil Peak along the way. And it’s almost flat, so one for the less energetic, or when you just want to stretch your legs after lunch in town. Continue reading “Sunshine Bay Track, Queenstown NZ”

Kelvin Peninsula Walk, near Queenstown, NZ

This easy walk around Kelvin Peninsula is a short drive from Queenstown, and provides views of the area’s most iconic landmarks.

This relatively easy walk around the Kelvin Peninsula provides grandstand views of Lake Wakatipu, various peaks over the water, of Queenstown and Ben Lomond, and also the Remarkables. If golf is more your thing then the peninsula has a very picturesque golf course. Continue reading “Kelvin Peninsula Walk, near Queenstown, NZ”

Granite Falls Track, Morton NP, NSW

A short walk to a rather unique copper coloured waterfall situated in Morton National Park, inland from Sussex Inlet.

This short and easy walk in Morton National Park, inland from Sussex Inlet on the NSW South Coast, ends at a rather unique copper coloured waterfall called Granite Falls. There wasn’t much water falling on the day we went, but it’s the rock colours that make it interesting. If you are driving down or up the coast then it’s worth making the side trip and stretching your legs to check this out. There were also wildflowers in abundance when we visited in mid spring. Continue reading “Granite Falls Track, Morton NP, NSW”