Drawing Room Rocks Track, Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, NSW

This short but steep track provides easy access to extensive views of the NSW South Coast near Berry. Except not on the day we did it.

Drawing Room Rocks are furniture shaped rock formations 600m up on the escarpment west of Berry on the NSW South Coast. The approximately 30 minute walk to the top is worth it for extensive views to the coast, only when we did it an odd sea mist closed in just as we ascended, so at the top we could see nothing. But it made for atmospheric walking nevertheless. A good option for stretching your legs on a drive further down the South Coast. Continue reading “Drawing Room Rocks Track, Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, NSW”

Liffey Falls Track, Liffey Falls Reserve, Tasmania

An easy walk (with a few steep sections) visiting the picturesque Liffey Falls. It passes through lush forest with very healthy looking tree ferns.

This short walk on constructed tracks visits the upper and lower sections of Liffey Falls. The falls are nice, but the rainforest and tree ferns probably steal the show. We did it after climbing nearby Quamby Bluff.  The whole walk is signposted so you won’t have any trouble navigating; brief details are on the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service site.

Continue reading “Liffey Falls Track, Liffey Falls Reserve, Tasmania”

MacKenzie Falls & The Balconies, Grampians National Park, Victoria

There are short walks to MacKenzie Falls and the Balconies that are easily accessed off a major road through the Grampians (C222). Both areas are popular with tourists so don’t expect serenity. They are justifiably popular, and not just because they are easy to get to.

There are a few short walks you can do accessed on the road that runs through the middle of Grampians National Park (C222). We did a couple at the popular MacKenzie Falls, and also a short walk to the Balconies. It was hazy when we got to the Balconies and so this rather impressive area did not look its best in my photos, so I’ve included just the one. MacKenzie Falls is an impressive waterfall that is somewhat a victim of its own success. Worth the visit nevertheless, (but don’t swim too close to the waterfall because people have drowned there). The tracks are constructed and obvious. Continue reading “MacKenzie Falls & The Balconies, Grampians National Park, Victoria”

Mt Zero Track, Grampians NP Victoria

This short walk provides good views back to nearby Mt Stapylton, and the pleasingly shaped Flat Rock on it slower slopes. It also sits on the edge of the Wimmera Plains, and feels rather like being on a cliff edge, with an ocean of farmland stretching to the horizon.

This walk starts nearby from the same spot as the Mt Stapylton walk, and you can easily do them both in one day. Only it was about 35 degrees on the day we did them, and I probably shouldn’t have dragged Sophia up at the hottest part of the day, as she’s susceptible to extremes of temperature – there’s very little shade. The views are worth the one hour return walk, as it sits on the very northern edge of the Grampians, with miles of entirely flat farmland to the north, and the very rocky Mt Stapylton to the south. The track is obvious; details on the Parks Victoria websiteContinue reading “Mt Zero Track, Grampians NP Victoria”

Chalwell Galleries Track, Mt Buffalo NP Victoria

The short Chalwell Galleries Track winds around and between massive boulders high up in Mt Buffalo National Park.

This was our third short walk on the Mt Buffalo plateau, this one a short side trip off the main road, and a bit different than the other two (The Horn and The Hump). It wound around and between massive boulders, and required just a bit of scrambling. More info on the Parks Victoria website. Continue reading “Chalwell Galleries Track, Mt Buffalo NP Victoria”

The Hump and Cathedral Track, Mt Buffalo National Park, Victoria

Another good short walk high up on the Mt Buffalo Plateau, The Hump (1695m) provides great views over to the Horn, and you pass a large triangular shaped hunk of rock called the Cathedral.

The second of three short walks we did after the Big Walk, climbing the Hump from a small car park on the road up the mountain offers excellent views of the the slightly higher Horn (1723m), a nicely shaped lump of rock called the Cathedral, and the surrounding alpine plateau. More info on the Parks Victoria website. (We also did two other short walks nearby – The Horn and Chalwell Galleries tracks). Continue reading “The Hump and Cathedral Track, Mt Buffalo National Park, Victoria”

The Horn Track, Mt Buffalo NP Victoria

The Horn is an easy walk (with a bit of climbing) to the highest point of Mt Buffalo (at 1723m) for great views in all directions.

A short walk to the highest point of Mt Buffalo, The Horn (1723m) provides excellent views of the plateau to the west, and various mountains  in other directions. It’s situated at the end of the road up the mountain and so is easy to find. More information on the Parks Victoria website. (We also did two other nearby short walks: The Hump-Cathedral and Chalwell Galleries Tracks). Continue reading “The Horn Track, Mt Buffalo NP Victoria”

Songaksan Circuit, Jeju-do, South Korea

An easy coastal walk around the small extinct volcano of Songaksan, on the southernmost section of Jeju Island. Nice if you are staying in the area.

The Island of Jeju is dominated by South Korea’s tallest mountain, Hallasan, and I presume this offers the best walking on the Island. Nevertheless, there is a trail called Jeju Ole that circumnavigates the island, and is broken up into a series of sections. We (my wife Sophia and a few family members) walked a short portion of section 10, around the extinct volcano of Songaksan. It’s an easy walk and doesn’t require any hiking gear. The scenery was nice enough, including views along the coast in both directions, and to small islands which form the southernmost points in South Korea.  Continue reading “Songaksan Circuit, Jeju-do, South Korea”

Yeongmori Coast & Sanbangsa Temple, Jeju-do, South Korea

These two very short walks exceeded expectations, offering impressive coastal scenery, views of a big lump of lava called Sanbangsan, a visit to Sanbangsa Temple at the foot of the mountain, then up to a cave with views of the coast.

There were two walks just a short stroll away from where we stayed on Jeju Island when holidaying there in 2017, so we paid the combined entrance fee to the short coastal walk and nearby temple/cave walk, perhaps not expecting all that much, but they turned out to be very much worth it. The rocks and cliffs of the Yeongmori Coast section made for great coastal scenery, and the Buddhist temple Sanbangsa is situated in an impressive spot below sheer cliffs on the 395m mountain Sanbangsan, with a cave and views a short but steep walk further up the mountain. Continue reading “Yeongmori Coast & Sanbangsa Temple, Jeju-do, South Korea”

Obongsan, Nonhyeon-dong, Incheon, South Korea

Obongsan (Five Peaks Mountain) is a suburban mountain (actually a hill at just 105m of elevation) situated in an obscure spot in southern Incheon that just happens to be close to my Mother-in-law’s apartment. It’s actually quite a nice walk, but perhaps not one to seek out unless you live nearby.

Obongsan (Five Peaks Mountain) is a diminutive mountain (in other words a hill) in southern Incheon, very close to my Mother-in-law’s place. We went up a few times to work off our holiday indulgences, and I imagine only locals would visit. A convenient and pleasant way to get outdoors and keep fit if you happen to live in the area. Continue reading “Obongsan, Nonhyeon-dong, Incheon, South Korea”