Plateau Walk & Cottage Rock Track, Kanangra-Boyd NP, NSW

Some of the best views in NSW on this easy enough walk in Kanangra-Boyd National Park in the south-west corner of the Greater Blue Mountains area. There are impressive cliffs, deep valleys, and karst landforms.

The views on this walk in Kanangra-Boyd National Park are some of the best in NSW. The impressive Kanangra Walls and deep Kanangra Valley are front and centre at a lookout near the start, and then the easygoing Plateau Walk passes along the edge of the Walls for more great views across the valley to Thurat Spires and into Kanangra Gorge. Continuing on to Cottage Rock through heath and forest means you can stretch your legs a bit more, and there are 360 degree views from the top of the rock of surrounding forested hills. Continue reading “Plateau Walk & Cottage Rock Track, Kanangra-Boyd NP, NSW”

West Rim Track, Fitzroy Falls, Morton NP, NSW

Spectacular valley and waterfall views on this easy walk at Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park, a longish day trip from Sydney.

The West Rim Track is a mostly flat 4km return walk passing multiple lookouts with views down a side arm of the Kangaroo Valley, and of a few waterfalls, particularly Fitzroy Falls situated at the start of the walk. Continue reading “West Rim Track, Fitzroy Falls, Morton NP, NSW”

Kiama Coast Walk, Illawarra, NSW

The southern section of the Kiama Coast Walk, starting at Loves Bay, is an undulating track through ex-farmland, with open and breezy vistas of cliffs, rock platforms and boulder-strewn beaches for its whole length.

The pleasant coastal town of Kiama, at the southern end of the Illawarra region south of Sydney, is best known for its blow hole. Swell direction dictates whether or not the blowhole does its thang, but you are guaranteed an excellent coastal experience on the underrated Kiama Coast Walk. This undulating track hugs the coastline on the edge of farmland, and the relative lack of vegetation makes for an open windswept feeling, with views of cliffs and boulder strewn beaches along the whole route. You can access rock platforms in a few places for closer views of the cliffs. The tracks ends at Werri Beach in the also very pleasant village of Gerringong. Continue reading “Kiama Coast Walk, Illawarra, NSW”

The Castle ascent, Morton National Park NSW

Surely one of the best walks in NSW, summiting The Castle (847m) in Morton National Park provides spectacular views of the surrounding cliffs and plateaus in the Budawang Range. It’s only for fit walkers, and those willing to do a fair bit of scrambling, and also those with a reasonable head for heights.

These pics are from our second time up The Castle (847m), one of NSW’s most challenging and spectacular day walks, situated in Morton National Park on the South Coast of NSW near Ulladulla. The views are probably the best I’ve seen in NSW, and with just enough exposure near the top to get the adrenaline flowing, it makes a memorable walk for any fit bushwalker. Continue reading “The Castle ascent, Morton National Park NSW”

Rusden Head Track, Morton NP NSW

This is a flat walk along a fire trail to Rusden Head, where there are good views of the Budawangs. There’s a lot of bird life in the area.

There are good views of the Budawangs to be had at the turnaround point of this 2-3 hour walk, but much of the walking is along a fire trail, which can be a bit monotonous. Nevertheless worth it if you want access to views on a straightforward walk, or like us if you’ve already done walks in the area* and want to do something different (*eg, the nearby Mount Bushwalker Track). Continue reading “Rusden Head Track, Morton NP NSW”

Drawing Room Rocks Track, Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, NSW

This short but steep track provides easy access to extensive views of the NSW South Coast near Berry. Except not on the day we did it.

Drawing Room Rocks are furniture shaped rock formations 600m up on the escarpment west of Berry on the NSW South Coast. The approximately 30 minute walk to the top is worth it for extensive views to the coast, only when we did it an odd sea mist closed in just as we ascended, so at the top we could see nothing. But it made for atmospheric walking nevertheless. A good option for stretching your legs on a drive further down the South Coast. Continue reading “Drawing Room Rocks Track, Barren Grounds Nature Reserve, NSW”

Buddong Falls Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW

Views of the pretty spectacular Buddong Falls on this slightly out of the way but short walk near Talbingo in Kosciuszko National Park.

This short but steep-ish walk to Buddong Falls exceeded expectations, mainly because the falls were more spectacular than I’d expected them to be. I’d never heard of them until I scoured the internet looking for walks around Talbingo that we could fit into the late afternoon.  It’s a longish drive on an unsealed road to get there, but there are quite nice views along the route which add to the experience. The upper falls are good but it’s the lower falls which make the big impression. They are 60m high but only the top half can be easily photographed.  Continue reading “Buddong Falls Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW”

Old Mountain Road Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW

A shortish but steep walk up a historic disused road in Kosciuszko NP near Talbingo. There are partial views near the end of high peaks in the Bogong Peaks Wilderness Area.

The Old Mountain Road walking track is a straightforward walk along a historic (unsealed) road, built in 1860 during a gold rush. There are remnants of poles and wires along the route, and views of the Bogong Peaks Wilderness Area from near the end. It’s a steep 4km ascent from Jounama Creek Campground to the turnaround point at the Snowy Mountains Highway, and you can do the Jounama Creek Track from the same starting point.  There are track notes on the NPWS website, and in this NPWS brochure, which describes the walk as a one way descent from the top. Continue reading “Old Mountain Road Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW”

Jounama Creek Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW

An easy walk up the picturesque Jounama Creek in Kosciuszko National Park near Talbingo. Ends at a swimming hole and some big rocks.

A fairly easy walk up the picturesque Jounama Creek as far as some big rocks and a swimming hole. We did the Old Mountain Road Track from the same starting point at Jounama Creek Campground near Talbingo, at the northern end of Kosciuszko National Park.  Continue reading “Jounama Creek Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW”

Nichols Gorge Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW

A very atmospheric walk through Nichols Gorge in Kosciuszko National Park. The gorge is lined by large rocky crags, and then the track emerges from the gorge onto wide treeless plains.

The attractive Nichols Gorge Track branches off from the common start with the Clarke Gorge Track, near the camping area at Blue Waterholes. Not quite as spectacular as the narrow and shear sided Clarke Gorge, Nichols Gorge is nevertheless very atmospheric, and has the added advantage of being a circuit walk, (and you won’t get wet feet). It feels a bit more remote than it is (which I like), and opens out onto a wide treeless plain in the latter half. Continue reading “Nichols Gorge Track, Kosciuszko NP NSW”