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Brewster Glacier & Point 2023m, Mt Aspiring National Park NZ

Magnificent views on this long day walk to Brewster Glacier, its terminal lakes, and an unnamed peak at 2023m.

I had visited Brewster Hut twice before, and on one of those occasions I went beyond the hut for views east. For some reason though I had not seriously considered visiting Brewster Glacier and its terminal lake, though I know now that this is the main prize for day-walkers in the area. The proximity of the hut means quite a few others will join you, but we got some solitude by also visiting the unnamed peak at 2023m, between Mt Brewster (2516m) and Mt Armstrong (2174m). It’s a high quality walk from start to finish, with beautiful beech forest, lovely alpine flowers in summer, and spectacular and ever changing views for as long as you are above the bushline. Continue reading “Brewster Glacier & Point 2023m, Mt Aspiring National Park NZ”

Brow Peak – Bush Creek Circuit, Arrowtown NZ

A shortish route up Brow Peak (1456m) for excellent views over backcountry to the north, & the Wakatipu Basin to the south. There a few options to make a circuit, including back along the picturesque Bush Creek.

This was my third time up Brow Peak, having ascended via Big Hill Saddle twice, and almost getting to the summit from Coronet Peak. (I ran out of time on Christmas Day, needing to get back for festivities with friends). This is a short ascent and good if you want the views without so much walking, however there are less views than walking the longish ridge from Big Hill. If it’s your first time up I recommend going this longer route. Nevertheless, excellent views await you at the summit, especially of the backcountry to the north, and this route offers a nice return circuit along picturesque Bush Creek. Continue reading “Brow Peak – Bush Creek Circuit, Arrowtown NZ”

Bowen Peak via One Mile Track, Queenstown NZ

Fabulous 360 degree views from the summit of Bowen Peak (1631m) above Queenstown, the quieter neighbour of Ben Lomond.

If you’ve already climbed Ben Lomond, or just want a quieter summit experience, then I can highly recommend an ascent of its neighbour, Bowen Peak (1631m). Taking the One Mile Track starts you off in attractive native forest including beech, followed by pine forest, and finally you’re above the bushline to the summit. Once out of the trees there are ever improving views, with the best from the saddle to the summit. The two mountains offer a similar experience in terms of the scenery on offer, so the choice is yours. Continue reading “Bowen Peak via One Mile Track, Queenstown NZ”

Rocky Mountain-Diamond Lake Circuit, Wanaka NZ

The Rocky Mountain – Diamond Lake Circuit passes through attractive bush & provides excellent views from the summit (775m) of Lake Wanaka and many high peaks.

The Rocky Mountain – Diamond Lake Circuit is a walk near Wanaka that offers excellent views for only moderate effort. It’s an easier-going alternative to the famous but much longer Roys Peak Track that starts down the road a bit closer to town. The views are less epic, however this is a more attractive walking experience all round, with sections of native bush and other vegetation.

You can do a circuit or figure of eight (I recommend an anti-clockwise circuit) taking in the picturesque Diamond Lake and the summit of Rocky Mountain (775m) for views over Lake Wanaka and towards various high peaks in Mt Aspiring National Park and around the lake. Continue reading “Rocky Mountain-Diamond Lake Circuit, Wanaka NZ”

Mt Crichton from Avalanche Creek, Queenstown NZ

A steep and direct route to the summit of Mt Crichton (1870m) near Queenstown, with fabulous views including Lake Isobel and Lake Wakatipu.

This is a shorter version of one of my favourite walks, to the summit of Mt Crichton (1870m), near Queenstown. Although less picturesque than the longer route (from the Mt Crichton Loop Track), this way is quite direct and offers some variety if you’ve already done that other route. The views from the summit and also the peak at 1845m are spectacular, and include Lake Isobel and Lake Wakatipu. Continue reading “Mt Crichton from Avalanche Creek, Queenstown NZ”

Donald Hill via Turtons Saddle, Canterbury NZ

Walk up a section of the Te Araroa to Turtons Saddle for views of the Rakaia River. Extend your views by climbing nearby Donald Hill (1525m).

This is a pleasant walk along a section of the Te Araroa up to Turtons Saddle, where there are views back towards the Rakaia River. If you have extra energy you can climb Donald Hill (1525m) for extended views over towards Lake Coleridge, and the confluence of the Rakaia and Wilberforce Rivers to the north. The scenery is best once you climb up onto the saddle, with many domed peaks lining a wide open valley. You can continue along the Te Araroa to a couple of huts if you wanted to make this an overnight trip. Continue reading “Donald Hill via Turtons Saddle, Canterbury NZ”

Ryton Track to Lakes Ida & Catherine, Canterbury NZ

A fairly easygoing walk on the Ryton Track though impressive Canterbury High Country mountain scenery, visiting Lakes Ida & Catherine.

The Ryton Track takes you through impressive mountain scenery to Lake Ida, and then Lake Catherine.  Both are nice enough – Lake Ida is in the nicer setting – but neither particularly photogenic. There are also Lakes Selfe and Evelyn at the start which are nice. For me though the highlight was the lumpy topography including scree covered mountains in the Craigieburn Range. It’s a fairly flat walk and not too long, so for relatively little effort you can get a good sample of the Canterbury High Country. Continue reading “Ryton Track to Lakes Ida & Catherine, Canterbury NZ”

Crown Peak from Crown Range Road, Otago NZ

The shorter of two marked routes to the summit of Crown Peak (1735m), starting on the Crown Range Road between Wanaka and Queenstown. 360 degree views of the area from the summit.

This was our second time up Crown Peak (1735m), one of the mountains accessible from Arrowtown. However, this time we climbed it on a marked route starting on the Crown Range Road, on the Cardrona side of the mountain. This route is shorter, and offers a wilder walking experience than climbing the mountain on a vehicle track. Nevertheless, there was more variety of scenery on the walk up from Arrowtown. The 360 degree views from the summit are the same of course, and very nice. Continue reading “Crown Peak from Crown Range Road, Otago NZ”

Miners Track Circuit, Arrowtown, Otago NZ

A circuit taking in the Miners Track is one of many possible routes on the network of tracks in regenerating scrub & tussock behind Arrowtown.

On a rainy day in November we wanted to do a walk but not invest too much only to get no views. We chose to do a circuit behind Arrowtown taking in the Miners Track, a section we hadn’t walked before. We couldn’t see much for most of the walk, so I haven’t included many pictures, but you can see more of what the area looks like in my posts on Crown Peak and New Chums Gully. Continue reading “Miners Track Circuit, Arrowtown, Otago NZ”

Kaikoura Coast Track, Canterbury NZ

The Kaikoura Coast Track is a two day private walk taking in spectacular coastal scenery & patches of native bush. Accommodation is provided.

The Kaikoura Coast Track was my first time doing a private walk, (one that you pay to do), and also my first overnighter. It’s really a combination of two day walks, with the organisers taking your stuff between ‘bach’ style accommodation – so it’s a pretty cruisy way to walk. The scenery on the first day included dark volcanic sands, sea cliffs and patches of native bush. The second day starts inland, and you walk over Skull Peak (489m) with 360 degree views over the area and more native bush as you walk back to the coast. (These views were unfortunately clouded in on the day we did it, so no pics). There’s also quite a bit of wildlife around: lots of seals, but you can sometimes see dolphins and whales. The less attractive sections include sometimes smelly paddocks and a couple of stretches of road, but all in all a nice and unique walking experience. Continue reading “Kaikoura Coast Track, Canterbury NZ”