Best Day-Tramps around Hanmer Springs, Lewis Pass & Reefton

Spectacular and varied tramping on this selection of day-hikes around Hanmer Springs, Lewis Pass & Reefton.

Faust & Mephistopheles, Lewis Pass

There are mountains galore to the north and west of the resort town of Hanmer Springs, with two quite contrasting landscapes on offer. Directly to the north of town are dry and sometimes barren landscapes characterised by colourful heath plants, tussock and scree. There are a few tracks to choose from, but many more choose-your-own adventures, as the country is pretty open. Further west towards Lewis Pass and on to Reefton is a wetter landscape of forested valleys and grassy, sometimes rugged peaks. The tarns are often a highlight of these walks.

Some of these hikes are accessible on a long day-trip from Christchurch, but Mt Clara and Mt Princess are best accessed from Hanmer Springs, and Mt Haast and the Klondyke Circuit from Hanmer, or else Reefton on the West Coast side. There are still more tramps to do but I think these are enough to keep you busy. There’s more info on the DOC website for walks in Victoria Forest Park, Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve, Hanmer Forest Park, and also on Fowlers Pass, which provides access to Mt Clara and surrounds.

Hanmer Springs

Mt Princess

Mt Princess ascent, St James Conservation Area
Mt Princess from viewed from point 1906m.

A challenging route up Mt Princess (2126m) in the St James Range, with excellent views of Princess Bath & over countless peaks & valleys.

Mt Clara & Mt Pickett

Mt Clara via Fowlers Pass, St James Conservation Area
Ascending Mt Clara in the St James Conservation Area.

A remote feeling tramp to the summit of Mt Clara (1945m) in the St James Conservation Area, with spectacular views, especially in winter.

Mt Charon & Dumblane

Dumblane and Mt Charon, Hanmer Range
On our way to Mt Charon in the Hanmer Range.
Hard (Moderate to Dumblane only)

A long but excellent walk to the summit of Mt Charon (1560m) from Jacks Pass, also taking in the peak named Dumblane (1303m). Great views and very attractive heath vegetation. 

Mt Isobel

Mt Isobel from Jacks Pass, Hanmer Forest Park
My wife Sophia doing one of her signature poses on our way down Mt Isobel, at the back of Hanmer Springs.

A short but attractive climb from Jacks Pass to the summit Mt Isobel (1319m), near the town of Hanmer Springs.

Lewis Pass

Faust & Mephistopheles

Faust & Mephistopheles, Lewis Pass
Many wonderful tarns are a highlight of the tramp up to the summit of Faust.
Moderate to Hard

Fabulous views & some of the most beautiful tarns we’ve ever seen on this walk up Faust (1710m) & Mephistopheles (1736m) in the Lewis Pass region.

Mt Norma

Mt Norma Route, Lewis Pass
Sophia looking up at the summit of Mt Norma from point 1642m.

A lesser known walk up Mt Norma (1722m) in the Lewis Pass region, with spectacular views of numerous mountain peaks and glacial valleys.

Travers Peak

Travers Peak via Foleys Track, Lewis Pass
Sophia and me on the summit of Travers Peak.

A tramp in the Lewis Pass region to the summit of Travers Peak (1724m), with great views and attractive forest on the climb up.

Lewis Tops

Lewis Tops Route, Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve, Canterbury NZ
There are lots of tarns on the Lewis Tops.

A classic walk to the Lewis Tops, climbing at first through attractive beech forest, then up onto the tarn strewn tops for wonderful views in all directions.

The Apprentice from Lewis Pass

The Apprentice from Lewis Pass
Mt Technical from the summit of The Apprentice (1678m).
Moderate to Hard

An extension of the popular Lewis Tops Route to climb The Apprentice (1678m), with grand views in all directions.

Mt Technical

Mt Technical, Lucretia & The Apprentice, Lewis Pass

Big views of peaks, valleys and tarns on this challenging hike to Mt Technical (1870m). Can be done as a day walk, although we did it as an overnighter with Lucretia and The Apprentice thrown in.

Nina Valley

Nina Valley to Nina Hut, Lake Sumner Forest Park
Perhaps the most picturesque spot on the route.
A flat option

A pleasant walk up the Nina Valley as far as Nina Hut, passing through attractive beech forest & over a picturesque gorge on the Nina River.

Springs Junction to Reefton

Klondyke Circuit

Klondyke Spur and Valley Tracks, Victoria Forest Park
Admiring the view from the top of Klondyke Spur (1541m).

A varied walk up the Klondyke Spur Track to above the bushline, with great views before you return via tarns & the Klondyke Valley Track.

Mt Haast

Mt Haast Route, Victoria Forest Park
Arriving at the summit of Mt Haast.

Fabulous 360 degree views from the top of Mt Haast (1587m) in Victoria Forest Park, accessed on the steep but straightforward Mt Haast Route.

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