Best Day-Tramps in the Canterbury Foothills

Some of New Zealand’s finest and most underrated day-tramps are to be found in the Canterbury Foothills, easily accessible from Christchurch.

Mt Oakden ascent, Canterbury

Flanked by the Southern Alps to the west, and flat as a pancake Canterbury Plains to the east, the Canterbury Foothills are a smorgasbord of mountains, plains, braided rivers and glacial lakes. Many of the peaks are starkly beautiful patchworks of tussock grass and scree, some with stands of native forest on their lower slopes.

There are many well maintained tracks in the area, but much of the country is pretty open, so experienced trampers can extend their options considerably. You can get to pretty much anywhere in the Canterbury Foothills from Christchurch in a day-trip: driving times are between 50 minutes and a little over 2 hours for the furthest walks.

Following are a selection of the best walks in the region – just click on the titles or pictures to view my original blog posts. First are a selection of the best moderate hikes, then harder walks for an even more epic tramping experience. We got a lot of these walk ideas from the Canterbury Foothills and Forests tramping guide.

Best Moderate Day-Walks in the Canterbury Foothills

Peak Hill

Peak Hill ascent, Canterbury NZ
Admiring the views from Peak Hill.

A popular walk up Peak Hill (1240m) to excellent 360 degree views over Lake Coleridge, various mountain ranges, and braided river valleys.

Woolshed Creek Hut

Woolshed Creek Hut Circuit, Mt Somers area
Gorgeous gorges on the Woolshed Creek Hut Circuit.

Excellent gorge scenery and grand mountain vistas await you on this moderate walk to Woolshed Creek Hut on the western side of Mt Somers.

Mt Somers

Mt Somers from Sharplin Falls Reserve
The Canterbury Plains viewed from Mt Somers.

A varied and satisfying climb to the summit of Mt Somers (1688m), with native forest, sub-alpine and eventually alpine vegetation along the way. 

Little Mt Peel

Little Mt Peel Circuit, Peel Forest Scenic Reserve
Wrinkly views west from Little Mt Peel.

A 1000m climb through a variety of native vegetation takes you to the summit of Little Mt Peel (1311m) with great views of the Canterbury Plains & surrounding mountains.

Coal Hill

Coal Hill Track, Mt Peel Conservation Area
View from the summit of Coal Hill.

The Coal Hill Track takes you up steeply through tussock grass to the summit of Coal Hill (1617m), with excellent views the whole way.

Best Hard Day-Walks in the Canterbury Foothills

Mt Oakden

Mt Oakden ascent, Canterbury
The Wilberforce Valley viewed on my way down Mt Oakden.

Really spectacular views the whole way up Mt Oakden (1633m), including braided river valleys, Lake Coleridge & mountains galore. A real classic.

Mt Potts

Mt Potts Circuit, Canterbury
View from the summit of Mt Potts.

Fabulous views of the Southern Alps and surrounds from the summit of Mt Potts (2184m), in the upper Rangitata Valley.

Castle Hill Peak via Foggy Peak

Castle Hill Peak and Foggy Peak, Korowai/Torlesse Tussocklands Park
Lake Lyndon viewed from Foggy Peak, on the way back from Castle Hill Peak.

Stark and ruggedly beautiful scenery on this classic Canterbury tramp up Castle Hill Peak (1998m) via Foggy Peak, in Korowai Torlesse Tussocklands Park. Going as far as Foggy Peak is of just moderate difficulty.

Red Hill

Red Hill via Porter River, Korowait/Torlesse Tussocklands Park
Views towards the Rakaia Valley from Red Hill.

Spectacular views from the summit of Red Hill (1641m), climbed via the atmospheric Porter River Valley. Not a long walk but off-track and hence a bit slow going depending on the conditions.

Mt Harper

Mt Harper Circuit, Hakatere Conservation Park
One of my favourite shots of the day. Sophia in the foreground and the impressive Ben McLeod Range in the background.

This circuit walk up Mt Harper (1829m) offers wide open views of the Ashburton Lakes District & the Rangitata River, with the Southern Alps providing the backdrop.

Steepface Hill

Steepface Hill ascent, Hakatere Conservation Park, Canterbury NZ
The Rakaia River and Lake Coleridge viewed from Steepface Hill.

Really excellent views over the braided Rakaia River and countless mountains on this big ascent up Steepface Hill (1876m) in Hakatere Conservation Park.

Mt Oxford

Mt Oxford Loop, Oxford Forest Conservation Area
Descending from the summit of Mt Oxford.

A varied loop walk with great views from the summit of Mt Oxford (1364m), plus beautiful beech forest and a nice waterfall on the return leg. There are shorter moderate options available.

Mt Cloudsley

Mt Cloudsley via Long Spur, Craigieburn Forest Park
Clouds on Mt Cloudsley in the Craigieburn Range.

Great views in all directions as you climb to the accessible high peak of Mt Cloudsley (2107m) in the Craigieburn Range near Castle Hill.

Mt Taylor

Mt Taylor ascent, Canterbury
Looking west from the summit of Mt Taylor 2333m.

Stark and rugged scenery on this epic day-hike to the summit of Mt Taylor (2333m), the highest peak in the Canterbury Foothills.

Mt Peel

Mt Peel via Middle & Little Mt Peel, Canterbury NZ
Little Mt Peel viewed from Middle Mt Peel.

A long walk to the summit of Mt Peel (1743m) via Middle & Little Mt Peel. Great views of the Canterbury Plains and surrounding mountains.

Ben More

Ben More Tops Circuit, Korowai/Torlesse Tussocklands Park
Climbing up onto the Ben More Tops.

Rugged scenery as you ascend to Ben More (1655m) along broad ridges on this circuit walk in Korowai/Torlesse Tussocklands Park.

Godley Peak & Moorhouse Peak

Godley Peak & Moorhouse Peak via Homestead Hill, Palmer Range
Nice sky on the way up to Godley Peak & Moorhouse Peak.

A big walk to the two highest peaks in the Palmer Range, Godley Peak (2087m) & Moorhouse Peak (2025m). Scree and tussock in all directions.

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